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  1. DYO Kite - Set of 12

    DYO Kite - Set of 12

    Watch your artwork take flight! Decorate these fun and functional polyester kites with fabric paint, fabric markers, glitter glue or markers. Then assemble and watch them soar!

    Easy to assemble and take flight.
    Each kite includes 2 tails, kite string with plastic handle, 2 poles and instructions.
    Kites measure 50 cm L x 40 cm W.
    Tail measures 137 cm L. "

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  2. Dream Catcher Craft Kit - Kit for 12

    Dream Catcher Craft Kit - Kit for 12

    Sweet dreams! Our exclusive dream catcher kit provides students with a chance to explore Native American traditions while making a simple, yet engaging take-home project.

    Arts & crafts kit builds 12 dream catchers. Kit includes 12 cardboard rings, beads, feathers and tipped yarn
    DIY Dreamcatcher helps young children express creativity while developing fine-motor, visual, and general motor skills.The finished dream catchers can be hung above the child's bed. The bad dreams pass through the holes. Good dreams are trapped in the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person. Finished craft hanging is approximately 36 cm L.
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  3. Design Your Own Pinwheel - Kit for 24

    Design Your Own Pinwheel - Kit for 24

    A great addition to lessons on weather and seasons! Kids will love decorating the star-shaped pinwheel face and then watching it spin! Kit includes cardstock pinwheel faces for decorating, plastic connectors and straws. Finished size is 33 cm H x 14 cm W.
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  4. Dazzling Foam Crowns - Kit for 16

    Dazzling Foam Crowns - Kit for 16

    Dazzling crowns fit for royalty!
    This mess-free set includes 16 sturdy foam crowns in 4 colors
    Over 480 self-adhesive gem-shaped glitter foam pieces for decorating
    Foam crown colours: yellow, blue, green, and purple.
    Gem shapes: circle, diamond, square, and oval.
    Gem colours: diamond, topaz, amethyst, and emerald.

    Adjustable crowns are made from thick, sturdy foam which measures 63 cm x 8 cm.
    Glitter foam pieces range in size from 15 mm to 45 mm.
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  5. Create Your Own Kaleidoscope - Set of 12

    Create Your Own Kaleidoscope - Set of 12

    Discover a fantastical, shape-shifting world of color! Simply fill with gems, hold up to light and spin for a spectacle of colorful revolving shapes.

    Easy no-glue assembly.
    Personalize and decorate any way you like.
    Includes reflective mirror inserts, translucent gems and instructions. Scopes have a cardboard ring to hold steady as the scope itself is spun. Decorative supplies not included.
    Assembled kaleidoscopes measure 19 cm L x 4.5 cm Dia. "

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  6. Classroom Crafting Starter Set

    Classroom Crafting Starter Set

    Everything you need to jump start your creativity! Extraordinary assortment contains all the essentials for
    hours of crafting activities, including: 300 assorted pom-poms, 100 assorted pipe cleaners, 1000 assorted, self-adhesive
    foam shapes, 150 hand foam shapes, 100 assorted black wiggly eyes, 500 large natural craft sticks, 110 g of sequins, 85 g
    rainbow colour feathers and 85 g of natural colour feathers. The possibilities are endless to shape, glue and create with these basic craft supplies.
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  7. Basket Weaving Craft - Kit for 12

    Basket Weaving Craft - Kit for 12

    Introduce children to the basics of basket weaving with this simple-to-use craft kit! Mix and match brightly colored raffia to create unique baskets to hold precious treasures.

    - Easy to distribute
    - Set includes 12 cardstock basket templates, 24 precut paper raffia bundles and detailed instructions
    - Finished baskets are approximately 14 cm Dia. at top and 5.7 cm H
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  8. Animal Friends Magnets - Kit for 36

    Animal Friends Magnets - Kit for 36

    Create 36 adorable magnetic animals in this incredible all-in-one kit! Individual packages include all the supplies and instructions needed for each craft.

    - Simple crafts that are easy and fun for children to assemble
    - Easy to distribute; no sorting, counting or prep work
    - All pieces are self-adhesive, meaning no mess and no extra supplies
    - Includes 4 each of 9 colorful foam animal face shapes
    - Each animal face is approximately 13cm H
    - Includes: cat, dog, elephant, fox, hippo, horse, lion, owl and panda
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