23 cm x 30.5 cm Pink

Product Information

Heavyweight Construction Paper with a smooth uniform finish. Colorations 23 cm x 30,5 cm construction paper offers great performance at a value price. Ideally suited for arts and crafts, heavyweight construction paper will cut cleanly and fold evenly. Kids love this versatile paper. They can cut, draw, and fold, and parents love the durability and price. 50 Sheets to use and have your child freely express creativity and share amongst friends during playdates, POD Learning or the Classroom.

*PERFECT FOR CRAFTS: This 23 cm x 30,5 cm pink construction paper is the perfect craft paper that easily cuts, folds, and can be drawn on with marker, crayon, colored pencils, and chalk. Great for any activity whether at home or in school.
*VERSATILE: Perfect art paper for kids with 50 sheets, heavyweight durability, and chemical free. Children can use to make cards, practice their drawings, complete school related assignments, and more. Parents can even use around the house or for work.
*A MUST HAVE: Pink construction paper is the perfect 23 cm x 30,5 cm size with a smooth finish and unique applicability. Even if you don't need it right away, at our price, buy in case of art and craft emergencies.
*CREATIVITY & EXPRESSION: Expression through art, connecting with others through creativity, group, and classroom projects. All Colorations products encourage the art of learning. Construction paper that works well for large or small group settings.
*PAPER PERFORMANCE: Paper folds cleanly and tears & cuts easily. Construction paper will hold and adhere well with glue. Produced in a chemical free process.

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