White Beading Elastic - 91.5 m

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Product Information

It's not a stretch to find the perfect beading material! This stretchy, white elastic is 1.5 mm thick and great for making necklaces and bracelets with pony beads, tri beads, alphabet beads and more! 91.5 m.

*IDEAL FOR BEADING: The thick, easy to use cord is perfect for beading as it fits most beads. It is easy to handle and tie.
*GREAT FOR PROJECTS: This elastic cord has a variety of uses; hanging, tying, crafting, and more.
*BETTER THAN FISHING LINE: This cord is thicker than most fishing line, and it is much easier to handle. Perfect for kids to use, and safer.
*THICK AND EASY TO USE: The thickness of the elastic cord is perfect for tying knots and beading, along with other craft projects.
*YARDS OF FUN: This spool contains 91.5 m of elastic cord so you will have plenty for all of your projects.

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