2,5 Cm Germfree Tri-Fold Rest Mat

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Product Information

Special heat-sealed construction completely seals and waterproofs our mats to make them internally germ-free and resistant to bacteria! These durable and easy-to-clean mats have 2,5 cm of foam cushioning, perfect for a comfortable rest, and a 10 mil durable vinyl cover.

*CONVENIENT SIZE: Easy-to-store, folds down to 53,5 cm L x 40,5 cm W x 7,5 cm H
*SAFE AND SANITARY: Red and blue color combination lets you easily determine which side should face the floor. Does not contain latex
*DIMENSIONS: Tri-fold rest mat measures 122 cm L x 53,5 cm W x 2,5 cm thick
*DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Radio-frequency heat-sealed construction resists bacteria and keeps germs out
*WARRANTY: 3-year warranty

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