Ex Sensory Mittens - Set of 5 Pairs

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5 pairs of mittens that are so much fun to touch, discover, and match! Set of 10 child-sized mittens (5 matching pairs) have textured palm inserts - fleece, corduroy, satin, netting, and chenille. Mittens are machine washable, made of 100% stretchy polyester, and fit children ages 2 years and older.

*TOUCH AND MATCH MITTENS: 5 pairs of mittens are so much fun to touch, discover, and match! Super soft fleece, ribbed ridged corduroy, oh-so-smooth satin, rough scratchy netting, and long luxurious chenille strands are sewn onto the mitten palms. Little ones will love exploring the different textures and finding the matching pairs.
*TACTILE EXPERIENCES SUPPORT LEARNING SKILLS: Exploring by touch helps children develop motor skills when they grasp, rotate an item, isolate small muscles, and use different kinds of touches. Tactile learning also helps young children develop cognitive skills when they discover similarities and differences, match like items, and make a preference.
*SIZED FOR LITTLE HANDS: Soft stretchy polyester is sized just right for kids 2 +. Mittens fit comfortably for sensory fun and tactile exploration.
*MACHINE WASHABLE: All mittens are completely machine washable for easy care.

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